Meeting a... Trust Accomodation Manager

Minnie web.png

Who are you: Minnie Nabali.

Summarise your role: My role is to increase accommodation options for the Trust, which includes finding landlords and home owners who are willing to work with us. I also provide support to staff who are looking for accommodation in the local area.

What do you find challenging about your role: Finding affordable accommodation in the Redhill and Reigate area. Another challenge is once a landlord has accommodation vacant they want it filled almost immediately, so it becomes a balancing act ensuring both parties are happy with arrangements.    

What do you find rewarding: It is always great working with a new landlord and visiting the accommodation that they have on offer. Also when staff come back to me after they have moved into their new property and tell me about how they have settled in and turned it into a home.

What do you enjoy outside of work: I love gardening and photography - there are a lot of flowers images on my Instagram account. I initially trained at East Surrey College to become a chef, therefore I enjoy cooking. Cooking Christmas dinner is always a breeze for me - the trick is the preparation in everything and know your timings. And of course I love looking at property.