The Friends moved to support East Surrey Hospital in 1983 when Redhill General Hospital closed. Their Governing Committee consists of 11 Volunteer Members, who are also Trustees of the Charity (No. 287535). Each Committee Member has specific duties. The Membership of the Friends is about 300.

The aim of the Friends of East Surrey Hospital is to supplement the service provided by hospital for the comfort and welfare of patients, staff and visitors, by the provision of equipment and amenities, and by supporting the voluntary work of the hospital.

Unfortunately there are currently no volunteering opportunities with The Friends.

How have the Friends helped the hospital?

In 2018, the Friends of East Surrey Hospital made 20 grants to SASH totalling £232,000 including:

  • £76,000 for a Liver Fibroscanner
  • £57,810 Patient entertainment system for Horley Ward
  • £50,000 for a Specialist echocardiograph
  • £11,000 for 15 Z beds for Palliative Care
  • £4,000 for tables and chairs for the Sunshine Nursery
  • £1,700 for four CD players for Radio Redhill
  • Other grants were made to support the hospital gardens, floral arrangements for the main entrance, the Sunshine Nursery’s annual outing and Christmas gifts for the wards

How can you help?

You can give a donation, perhaps in memory of a relative or a friend.