A carer is someone who spends a significant proportion of their time providing unpaid support to family or friends. This could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems. Many carers often don’t see themselves as carers, they see themselves as a parent, spouse, partner, son, daughter, relative, friend or neighbour.

At SASH we are committed to making a difference to carers in local communities and our staff. We have refreshed our current carers strategy so that it reflects the priorities outlined in the most recent national and local policy. You can read the strategy below.

To ensure that the views and recommendations from members of the public, staff and local organisations are part of this strategy, we asked you to share your views and recommendations – we are grateful for your feedback and we have developed a carers strategy that outlines the objectives we have identified to address the increasing and challenging issues faced by carers.

We have developed six objectives that mean the most to carers and those that will make the biggest difference to the lives of carers, as well as those supporting our patients.


Would you benefit from support as a carer whilst your loved one is in hospital, whilst planning for discharge and when you get home? You can self-refer by emailing sash.carerssupport@nhs.net.

The Strategy’s themes are taken from NHS England’s Commitment to Carers

  • Raising the profile of carers
  • Education, training and information
  • Service development
  • Person-centred, well-coordinated care
  • Primary care, commissioning support and partnerships
  • SASH as an employer

Objectives of the SASH carers strategy

  • To ensure our staff are ‘carer aware’
  • To identify carers and support them with new and changing caring roles
  • To value carers in their caring role when the person they care for is admitted to hospital
  • To involve carers as valued partners
  • To support and signpost carers to sources of support
  • To have due consideration for carers when they are our patients
  • To have carer-friendly policies and practices in place for our staff

To further support carers who are providing care to inpatients at SASH, we have implemented a carer’s passport entitling them to extra support during the admission. Some support may be site specific. The support available includes:

Accessing a discount at the Three Archers Arches restaurant (only food made on-site).

  • Discounted multi-exit car parking.
  • Refreshments during ward round drinks.

The passport allows carers to be referred onwards for further support from Carers Support West Sussex or Action for Carers, depending on where they are based.

If a carers passport is required, please ask a member of staff on the ward who can provide this for you

If there are any questions regarding the passport, please contact sash.carerssupport@nhs.net.