Cancer and diagnostics at SASH are delivered through multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) comprising consultants, dedicated clinical nurse specialists (CNS) and other specialist staff for specific cancers, including CUP (cancer of unknown primary), gynaecological, haematology, head and neck, lower GI (colorectal), lung, neurological (brain), ophthalmological, skin, breast, upper GI and urological cancers.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Consultations for chemotherapy and radiotherapy are provided within the Trust. Some chemotherapy is delivered locally at East Surrey Hospital, and some at the St Luke’s Cancer Centre. Radiotherapy is currently delivered at St Luke’s Cancer Centre.

New cancer diagnosis

All patients with a new cancer diagnosis are seen in the next available clinic and are fully supported from the outset by cancer nurse specialists. Where a patient has been given a diagnosis of cancer, the patient’s general practitioner (GP) is informed of the diagnosis by the end of the following working day.

Clinical nurse specialist (CNS)

The CNS for the specific type of cancer is a patient’s key worker and will see them when they are given the initial diagnosis or at a subsequent nurse led clinic. The primary role of the CNS is to give specialist support to patients. They provide both verbal and written information about the specific cancer, its treatment options and local or national support groups. They will also give their contact details for patients to telephone them as required and provide on-going support.

Information leaflets and booklets are available in all outpatient areas of the hospital.

Cancer care never stands still and SASH is constantly reviewing its services in order to deliver the best care possible ensuring that we support both the patient and family with compassion along their journey.

Lisa Jacques

Acute oncology

Jo Coles

Acute oncology

Liz Darragh

Breast Cancer

Nicola Vanner

Lead cancer nurse

Amanda Bonner

Breast Cancer

Chris Turner

Breast Cancer

Tracey Simms

Metastatic CNS

Claire Williams

Lead Chemotherapy Nurse

Jenny Santiago

Senior Chemo Sister- Crawley

Jacqui Clayton


Lisa Smith

Colorectal/Stoma Care

Jo Humpherson

Gynaecology Oncology Nurse Specialist

Alison Costain

Lead Haem CNS / Matron

Ian Corro

Haematology CNS

Solly Babu

Haematology CNS

Mithu Doorga-Scammell

Haematology CNS

Deirdre Stapleton

Haematology CNS

Catherine Ghosh

Head and Neck Cancer

Sue Quirin

Lung cancer

Elaine Edwards

Palliative Care

Samantha Weller


Janet O’Hagan


Alison Slater


Tina de la Cruz

Upper GI Cancer

Catherine Sharpe

Urology Oncology

Kate Etheridge

Urology Oncology

Andrea Mortimer-Cook

Urology Oncology

Elizabeth Wessel-Cessieux

Urology Oncology

Cathy Jenner/ Maureen Stansfield

Urology Oncology