The colorectal surgical team at East Surrey Hospital has created a brief film to guide you on optimising your recovery from colorectal surgery. This informative resource covers essential aspects such as:

  • Stopping smoking 
  • Reducing alcohol consumption
  • No alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to your procedure.
  • Introducing an exercise programme tailored to you


Surgery school runs every Thursday at 2pm and 3pm. You will be able to discuss the below with a specialist nurse.

  • Meeting with Enhanced Recovery Nurse
  • Discussion of  ERAS ( enhanced recovery after surgery ) programme
  • Pain management after surgery
  • Benefit of mobilising  
  • Nutritional drink after surgery
  • Oral bowel preparation prior to surgery
  • Logistic of admission on the day of surgery

Emergency contact

(E.g. experiencing excessive pain, not helped by painkillers or persistent vomiting)

If you call and get no reply after 10 minutes, please call your GP or attend A&E.


East Surrey Hospital Main line

01737 768 511

Pre-assessment Co-ordinator

Monday – Friday 08:00-16:00

01737 768 511

Ext: 8291

Pre-assessment Duty Sister

Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00

01737 768 511

Ext: 8342

Enhanced Recovery Nurse Specialist


Working days - Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

01737 768 511



Colorectal Nurse Specialist

Nikki – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Jonna – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Matthew- Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Shahanie- Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

01737 768 511

Ext: 1728

Stoma Nurse Specialist

Nikki – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

01737 768 511

Ext: 1728

Surgical Secretaries

Monday – Friday 08:00-16:00

Mr Al-Khusheh

Mr Grabham

Mr Campbell-Smith

Mr Day

Mr Shihab

Mr Smith




Ext: 1747

Ext: 1748

Ext: 6383

Ext: 6424

Ext: 6424