Please note that during the COVID-19 PALS is closed to the public. We are hoping to open face-to-face appointments again as soon as it is safe to do so.

As a patient, relative, carer or visitor sometimes you may need to turn to someone for confidential, on-the-spot help, advice and support. The PALS will help you to sort out any concerns you may have about the care we provide. We can also guide you through the different services available from the NHS.

We aim to:

  • advise and support patients, families, carers and visitors
  • listen to your concerns, suggestions or queries
  • help sort out problems quickly on your behalf
  • provide information on NHS services

We act independently when handling patient and family concerns, liaising with staff, managers and where appropriate, relevant organisations, to negotiate immediate or prompt solutions. If necessary, we can also refer patients and families to specific local or national-based agencies.

The PALS will also identify the trends from these concerns in order to ensure a better patient experience in the future by promoting changes in practice.

The Trust is committed to improving patient care and involving patients and the public in everything they do.

Telephone: 01737 231958


Write to:PALS at East Surrey HospitalCanada AvenueRedhill, Surrey, RH1 5RH

You can also ask a member of staff to contact the PALS on your behalf.

Or you can provide details of your concern by using our online concerns and complaints form.