Information about being an inpatient at East Surrey Hospital

Thank you for choosing East Surrey Hospital. As an inpatient we want to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. Our aim is to provide you with care for your individual needs and preferences. Your involvement in your own care not only helps to make your stay in hospital better, it helps us to learn and adapt our service for the benefit of everyone.

We welcome your views –  your feedback helps us to know when we are getting it right, but it is equally important to know when we are getting it wrong so we can use this information to give all our patients, both inpatients and outpatients, the best care possible.

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Your care matters survey

Complete the Your care matters surveyYour-Care-Matters-blue-small.png and provide feedback of your experience as a patient. The survey is anonymous and confidential, allowing you to give your honest opinion of your experience. These comments, positive and negative, are analysed, fed back to our staff and used to improve our systems and facilities on an ongoing basis.

Our Patient Medication Helpline is available for you to call if you have any questions about your medicines after you have left hospital.

The freephone number is 0808 2810188 and the line is manned from 2.30-4.30pm each day, Monday to Friday.

If your question is not urgent, then you can leave a message or email us on

Our team of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and assistants are responsible for ensuring the best use of medicines for you and that the medicines you receive during your inpatient stay are available, safe and effective.

Our pharmacists may be part of your ward round team and several have a higher qualification that allows them to prescribe medicines.  We also have a strong “behind the scenes” team which ensures availability, quality and cost-effective use of medicines at SASH.

SASH always strives to create a sense of belonging for our staff and our visitors. Over the last few months, our hospitality team has worked to create menus that reflect the diverse population that we serve.

Our inpatient menu offering are:

  • Standard menus
  • Menus for patients with Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties): e.g. yogurts and purees
  • Low potassium menus: e.g. grilled chicken, poached fish, plain omelette
  • Gluten free menus: e.g. chicken korma with rice, beef casserole, fish with steamed veg
  • Low fibre menus : e.g. toast, omelettes
  • Halal menus: e.g. chicken saag with rice, lamb karahi with rice
  • Vegan menus: e.g. tomato and basil pasta, vegan wraps and salads
  • Cultural vegetarian menus: e.g. lentil daal with rice, aloo gobi with rice

If patients/carers would like to choose from a menu other than our standard menus, they can discuss this with the nursing and hospitality staff.

Long term patients can also request to speak to a member of the hospitality team (e.g. the chef or the hospitality manager) if they would like to discuss specific dietary needs.

Are you looking for maps and directions to East Surrey Hospital? You can find travel information on the finding us page.