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What to bring with you

It is helpful to bring the following with you when you attend your outpatient appointment:

  • Your appointment letter
  • Any information enclosed with your appointment letter
  • Any samples requested
  • Any medication you are taking
  • Money to pay for car parking, prescriptions and refreshments

Please report to the outpatient reception desk when you arrive. You will be checked in and any details will be confirmed against your health records (notes) and patient administration system to ensure contact information remains up to date and accurate. If your appointment is at East Surrey Hospital, you can also check in using one of the self service kiosks.

You will also be given a “Your Care Matters” card when you first check in by one of the receptionists. Following your visit we would very much appreciate your feedback on the care you received so that we can continually improve the service we provide.

Waiting times

Every effort is made to ensure that you are seen within 30 minutes of your appointment time. However, it is wise to allow more time as delays which are beyond our control can occur.

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing a high volume of appointments across many clinics which may delay the time you are seen. Information will be provided via the outpatient staff and notice boards should a delay be experienced. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused and are currently working to improve the outpatient service provided.

Your consultation and students

Our clinical staff work in teams under the leadership of a consultant and can comprise of nurse specialists, doctors, therapists and other allied health professionals as well as nursing students. You may not always see the consultant named on your visit but will see a member of their team.

We are an Associated University Hospital of Brighton and Sussex Medical School, so medical students may be present.

If you would prefer not to have nursing or medical students present please let a member of staff know.

After your consultation

If you need further tests or investigations the clinical staff will explain this to you and what you need to do and whether a further follow-up appointment is required.

You may also be given a clinic outcome form ( white or yellow in colour) which you should take to the outpatient reception desk before leaving the department as this form logs what had been done and what needs to happen next.

It is usually possible for a further follow-up appointment to be made at the outpatient reception desk. However there may be occasions when this is not possible. Please be assured that you will be contacted at a later date if this is the case.

After you have attended your appointment, you will receive a copy of the letter sent by your consultant team to your GP about your outpatient visit.

We appreciate your feedback

Following your visit we would very much appreciate your feedback on the care you received so that we can continually improve the service we provide. You will be given an orange Your Care Matters survey card when you first check in. Please complete the survey on the back of the card. You can also complete the Your Care Matters survey online.