We have recently made changes to improve staff and visitor car parks at East Surrey Hospital with the introduction of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. This is a new system that uses a camera to read your number plate when you enter the car park and is in operation across all entrances and exists to the hospital car parks.

Download the information leaflet for full details of the new visitor and patient car parking system

All visitors are asked to park in the visitors/public car park which is located along Canada Avenue, in between the Main Entrance and East Entrance

Download the East Surrey Hospital map to see where our visitor car parks are located.

30 mins – 2 hours £5.00

2-3 hours - £6.00

3-6 hours - £7.00

6-10 hours - £8.00

10-24 hours - £13.00

Over 24 hours - £25.00

Concession £5.00

Weekly/Carers £15.00

7 exit pass £25.00

Prices from 15 January 2024

Car park pay machines are located at the Main Entrance (opposite Boots), the East Entrance, and in the Emergency Department reception.  The pay machines take change, notes, debit and credit cards.

Nearly 90% of our visitors pay only the basic charge for two hours, which is competitive with other similar organisations in the South East, and there are arrangements to assist those paying more in certain circumstances.

You can also pay using the Trust Parking mobile app. You can connect your credit card and the system will automatically charge you as you leave the car park without having to use the on-site kiosk. The mobile app is available to download to any Apple or Android device.

How to download the Trust Parking app

For Apple download the app on iTunes and for Android devices download the app on Google Play Store.

In order to cater for visitors that either wish to spend an extended period of time with a patient, or have repeated visits to a patient, a seven exit pass can be purchased. This costs £25 and contains seven daily car park credits and allows the visitor to visit the hospital on seven separate occasions for as long as required within a day for a capped price of less than £3.50p a day – this is a potential saving of £64. The pass is valid for seven separate sessions and not multiple exits on seven different days. If you would like to purchase a seven day pass, this option can be selected on any of the available machines.

How to use the seven exit pass

Enter the car park as usual and exit at the end of your parking period, you do not need to go to the machine at the end of each car park stay. Once all seven credits have been used, you will need to purchase a new seven day pass from the machine following the same process. The seven exit pass is for visitor use only.

There are various disabled parking areas around the East Entrance, adjacent to the visitors’ car park and in Maple Drive in front of and just beyond the Main Entrance.  Disabled parking in these areas is free. Disabled badge holders can also park within the visitor car park for free. Simply take your badge to either the main reception or cashiers who will process the concession. If both are closed then you will need to press the intercom on exiting the car park.

There are free car parking spaces reserved for chemotherapy patients outside the unit.

The income from staff and visitors is used to ensure the provision of car parking is self-funding. Over the last four years there has been a significant capital programme to build new car parks and to extend existing ones.

The revenue from car parking also funds:

  • day to day expenditure on our attendants
  • utility costs (electricity and telecoms)
  • maintenance programmes
  • snow and ice clearance
  • landscape maintenance

We are particularly keen to promote greener travel. Income generated from parking funded the bus terminal at the Main Entrance and other green travel initiatives.

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