In October 2020, the NHS committed to deliver the world’s first Net Zero Carbon health service, responding to climate change and improving health now and for future generations.

As a Trust, our Vision is “we will pursue perfection in the delivery of safe, high quality healthcare that puts the people in our community first”. We know that in order to truly achieve this, putting the people in our community first over the short, medium and long term, we must act now.

At Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust, we are continuing our journey to becoming a more sustainable healthcare provider. There is still much to do and this Green Plan aims to shift our programme into a new gear, showing leadership and responding to the ever more pressing issue of climate change and health.

As such, through our new Green Plan, we commit to meeting our part of the ambitious Net Zero Carbon targets set by NHS England Improvement (NHSEI). We have developed this Green Plan based on our Care Without Carbon framework for sustainable healthcare.

Our achievements