Occupational health and wellbeing services

The SASH occupational health department is a member of the NHS Health at Work Network.  This organisation represents occupational health teams working in the NHS and supports the Government’s health at work strategy.  Their mission is to increase the quality and delivery of health and work services and support the broader health, work and wellbeing strategy through:

  • Helping develop the NHS as a model employer
  • Delivery services to other public sector bodies and smaller businesses
  • Supporting the development of quality occupational health practices

Being a member of the NHS Health at Work Network supports our focus on providing consistent, high quality health at work services to all our clients through collaborative working.

Clinical governance

SASH occupational health considers clinical and information governance as a core element of service delivery.


SEQOHS accreditation will recognise our departments’ ability to demonstrate our capability and effectiveness in delivering a safe, high quality and effective occupational health service to our stakeholders.

Our service now consists of a fully integrated electronic system making referrals and health screening more efficient and faster.

Occupational health professionals provide independent advice to both managers and employees on all health of individuals at work.  We will give an unbiased, evidence based opinion following assessment.

Like you we are bound professionally by strict rules of confidentiality.  All consultation discussions are completely confidential.  Your occupational health records are held on our own standalone system and are not shared with your manager.  Medical information is not released without explicit written confirmation from you.

We are not here to take the place of your GP or specialist.  You will therefore still require to see your own doctor for any ongoing treatment, prescriptions or fit for work certificates.

Management referral

You may at some stage be referred to us by your line manager for advice on any of the following:

  • Short or long term sickness absence
  • Rehabilitation advice and support due to health conditions or disability
  • Advice on adjustments or alterations to work or work place environment to enable a return to work and full duties
  • Consider any restrictions that may be required either temporarily or permanently to current duties
  • To determine if you may be protected by the Equality Act 2010
  • To consider if you are available for retirement due to ill health

We act as impartial advisors to both you and your manager and your employer, in the interests of your health, with the focus of you sustaining attendance at work in a way that is safe and will not impact negatively upon your health.

The consultation you have with us will be confidential and no personal or medical information will be passed to your line manager without your consent.  We will provide a report for your manager following our consultation with you and you have the option to see this report and within three days of its receipt to you contact the advisor if you do not agree with the report.  After three days the report will be sent on to your manager. You will also be provided with a copy for your records.

Are you a manager?

All relevant managers and supervisors are now set up to log into our cohort system to make management referrals.

Self referrals

All members of staff are entitled to access occupational health services and need not be referred by their manager.

Staffs are encouraged to make an appointment with an occupational health advisor to discuss any concerns about their physical or mental health, especially if work-related issues are involved.

Health information and literature is available on a wide variety of topics.

Staffs are reminded that Occupational Health cannot directly provide treatment or prescriptions.

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