Who are you: Vishal Bhavsar.

Summarise your role: My role is to clinically screen patients’ prescriptions on the wards to ensure patients are receiving the right drugs at appropriate doses. This is with the end goal of ensuring patient safety. Currently I am working in cardiology, and it is one of my jobs to learn and know about the underlying conditions so that as a team we can manage their health in the best way as healthcare professionals.

What do you find challenging about your role: Sometimes, I have a complex patient on complex medications who needs to be monitored closely and we may find ourselves in a position where we must decide the risks vs benefits. However, there is always help available and you will never have to decide anything alone.

What do you find rewarding: When counselling patients on changes to their regular medications or new ones prior to discharge, seeing them happy and excited to go home is very gratifying knowing you were part of the team that helped them get back home.

What do you enjoy outside of work: I like sports, especially football which I played at school and university. I also like socialising and going to concerts. My favourite types of music are R&B and House.

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