Who are you: Gogo Moore.

Summarise your role: My role within the neonatal unit is to provide care by supporting parents when their babies are stepped down from needing high dependency unit (HDU) care to special care baby unit (SCUB) care. I am responsible for normalising the babies which includes observing them and being aware of any signs of deterioration which I escalate to the doctors. I also support the babies with being tub fed. Whilst the parents are here with their babies, I also support them with breastfeeding, particularly when they are finding it hard to latch their baby onto the breast. I also help with bottle-feeding, bathing, nappy care and generally getting the family ready for discharge home after spending time with us at the unit. 

What do you find challenging about your role: When the unit is short staffed I feel like I can’t give the best support that I would like to.

What do you find rewarding: I enjoy working in the neonatal unit, as the team I work with are amazing. I feel happy knowing that the support and care I have given to the family whilst they are at the unit will leave them feeling supported and informed 

What do you enjoy outside of work: I enjoy reading, going to theatre with my daughter and friends. I also love cooking and I wish I could bake but I am not very good at it. I like gardening and growing my own vegetables.