Nicola Vanner FBWho are you?

Nicola Vanner

Summarise your role.

As Macmillan lead cancer nurse at SASH, I support the cancer nursing team by ensuring we offer the highest quality patient care locally. With improved treatments, more people are living with and beyond cancer, so individualised care needs to be tailored to meet each person’s need.

What do you find rewarding about your role?

Knowing as a wider team we have done our best for the patient during their cancer journey. It is a privilege to be able to make a difference during this difficult time, however big or small, whether at diagnosis or at the end of life for patients and their family. I do my best to provide guidance and support to my team, prioritising and balancing my time and workload as needed. I couldn’t do my job without the excellent cancer nursing team, and of course the wider team.

What do you find challenging?

I love a challenge but what I find most difficult in this role is the increased number of patients we now see diagnosed with cancer coming through our Trust. Whether for an outpatient appointment, treatment on one of our chemotherapy day units or on the haematology ward, where we struggle almost daily with capacity issues and staffing, yet we still ensure we offer the highest standard of care. It is humbling to watch the cancer nurses at work.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

You used to be able to find me on the dance floor but these days I am at my happiest when all the family is together. I also enjoy meeting friends, travelling, reading and walking our loud Dachshund. 

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