Meet Lee Edwards, head of procurement here at SASH.

Lee website.png

Who are you: Lee Edwards.

Summarise your role: I am Head of Procurement for the Trust and have worked here for 25 years. I am responsible for buying everything the Trust needs to keep it running, which could be anything from a pen to a whole building.

What do you find challenging about your role: Sometimes it is difficult to balance the requirements of the Trust Standing Financial Instructions, the financial responsibilities, policies and procedures adopted by us, and the Public Contract Regulations – which are the rules we have to follow when procuring items for SASH, all while ensuring that we keep the Trust fully stocked with all the equipment and services it requires to keep running.

What do you find rewarding: I enjoy working on a big project, like opening a new ward or unit. Being able to see a project through from start to finish and then witness the positive impact it has for patients is very rewarding.

What do you enjoy outside of work: I am a keen golfer and regularly compete for the procurement golf trophy! I am also trying to build up my fitness and I am hoping to join the SASH running club in the future.