Ade Owadokun FB.png

Who are you?

Ade Owadokun, an Ecumenical Chaplain.

Summarise your role.

I work as part of a team serving people of all faiths or none. My team offers spiritual and pastoral support to staff, patients and visitors to bring comfort, strength and hope. We respond to referrals from members of the community, relatives and staff. As well as visiting, we organise baby, adult and staff memorial services and hospital contracted funerals. Hospital contracted funerals are often only attended by a chaplain. We offer prayer and Holy communion as requested, and maintain the hospital’s multi-faith chapel. We work to build healthy, caring and professional relationships with the entire SASH team. Currently we are organising our SASH Carol Service on December 19 at 5pm and hope to see you there!

What do you find challenging about your role?

Understanding each patients’ situation and aiming to discover what helps them to find hope and comfort in the midst of their illness or recovery. It can be challenging to end the day at peace, leaving the emotions and concerns at work.

What do you find rewarding?

The joy of having positive interactions with patients, families and staff after helping them to explore and express their feelings and adding hope to their experience. The gratitude expressed by the people I’m there for gives me a sense that what I do is relevant. The collaboration between the chaplaincy team and SASH staff makes it a joy to work here.

What do you enjoy outisde of work?

Writing and directing plays, going to the gym, reading, photography and leading worship services in my church where I am the lead Pastor. Time spent with my family is golden!

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