Meeting a... CT Specialist Radiographer

Who are you: Fiona Witherden.

Summarise your role: I am a radiographer specialising in CT scans and have been working in the Trust for 33 years. I am based at Crawley Hospital where we scan outpatients and the occasional ward or Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) patients. The majority of our work is CWT (Cancer Wait Time) and follow-up cancer patients. 

What do you find challenging about your role: Balancing the time spent with patients and keeping the list running. I also enjoy the challenge of a difficult cannulation. 

What do you find rewarding:  I love the relationship built up with the patient during their time with us. I find it rewarding when a patient comes in apprehensive or scared, whether through needle phobia or claustrophobia but, having supported them through the experience, they go out smiling.  

What do you enjoy outside of work: Visiting National Trust properties (with coffee and cake after a meander round of course!). I am a member of Horley Baptist Church. I also enjoy daily Wordle (Nerdle, Quordle, Waffle and Squardle!)