Nicola Browne FB

Who are you?

Nicola Browne.

Summarise your role.

I have a dual role within the trust as a Macmillan colorectal clinical nurse specialist and stoma nurse. In my colorectal role I am ultimately there to support patients, families and carers through their cancer journey by ensuring they have access to information and advice about their diagnosis. I also work as part of the multidisciplinary team alongside oncologists, surgeons and radiologists acting as an advocate for the patient on their bowel cancer journey. I also act as a link between patients, doctors, other specialist nurses and support services.

My other role is stoma care where the team support patients who have undergone bowel surgery as a result of a bowel cancer, or patients who have not had cancer which has resulted in a stoma. We are there to support patients long-term and short-term. Whether that be before surgery by supporting and advising them about life with a stoma, adjusting to life with a stoma, during their hospital stay and after discharge in the form of stoma clinics.

What do you find rewarding about your role?

The thanks that you get from caring for patients at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Job satisfaction as we continue to provide care and compassion in our service. Working with a fantastic team and supporting each other through a role that can be very difficult emotionally at times.

What do you find challenging?

Time is the most challenging. In an ideal world we would love to give all patients the time that they need and more. Unfortunately at times it can be super busy but we always give the best care that we can. 

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I enjoy walking with my puppy Luna. I have also taken on my first allotment so love being outside, and looking forward to sowing and reaping the rewards from my first grow hopefully!

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