Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH) is delighted to announce its SASH+ Lean for Leaders programme has received an exciting accreditcelebration teaching photo.jpgation, meaning going forward, all participants will receive 25 CPD credits upon successful completion of the programme.

Lean for Leaders is a programme taught at SASH and delivered by the SASH+ team. The SASH+ culture of continuous improvement (kaizen) focuses on putting the patient first and making changes to improve patient care. SASH+ provides the structure, tools, training and development to make continuous improvement a reality.

Following a comprehensive independent assessment process, the Lean for Leaders programme is now accredited by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM). This means it has met Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals.

Nicole, who works in the endoscopy service at the Trust, is just completing the Lean for Leaders programme. Using the Lean tools and techniques acquired through the programme, she has removed waste in different endoscopy processes, freeing up colleague time to be directed to patient care. Her reorganisation of the workspace has ensured timely access to equipment in clinic and emergency situations. She has also embedded daily management to improve service delivery and safety for patients. Staff have clearer direction and focus on team objectives. They are coached by Nicole to work through ideas to make simple changes that continue to add to value for patients: The team who do the work improve the work.

FMLM champions the improvement and development of medical leadership and management and accredits education and training programmes that meet their Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals. Accreditation provides FMLM members, doctors, dentists, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations with assurance that a programme has been independently assessed and judged as meeting important national standards.

Going forward, all Lean for Leaders participants (from Cohort 26 onwards) will, upon successful completion of the programme, be eligible to claim 25 CPD credits awarded by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.

Dr Sarah Rafferty, chief of education, said:

Our education work is evaluated highly by a number of external bodies but this is the first programme from SASH that has sought and received external accreditation in this way from FMLM. It is an achievement the team should be exceptionally proud of.

Sue Jenkins, director of kaizen, said:

Over the last seven years, we have seen how the year long Lean for Leaders programme has equipped our leaders to apply and embed SASH+ approach to continuous improvement across our organisation at all levels. We have worked hard to secure the accreditation from FMLM which recognises the value of both time and effort that candidates put in to attend and complete this programme. I am thrilled that the teams’ hard work has been recognised.

Places for our future Lean for Leaders programmes are available free to both staff working in the Trust and across our system and funded places are also available for any organisations wishing to explore how continuous improvement can make a difference to the services and care being delivered across health and social care.”