As we approached the 80th anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 2024, we reflected on our local history and its connection to this pivotal event in World War II. Our Trust has a profound link to the brave efforts of the Allied Forces, specifically through the healthcare facilities that have evolved into what we now know as East Surrey Hospital. 


Originally built in 1939 to handle expected civilian casualties during the Second World War, Smallfield Hospital quickly became a vital military medical facility. By 1941, it had been expanded and staffed by the Royal Army Medical Corps. The following year, in 1942, it was handed over to the Canadian General Hospital, a 1200-bed unit from Montreal, which used the facility to care for their soldiers. To honour this legacy, when the hospital site was redeveloped into housing in 1992, the new streets were named after Canadian cities, a lasting tribute to the Canadian troops who once operated there. 


This connection to the Canadian forces was particularly significant during the preparations for D-Day. Smallfield Hospital served as a critical site for medical treatment and recovery for soldiers who would later participate in the D-Day landings. The hospital's efforts during this time are a proud part of our heritage.