Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine involving the use of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis or therapy. The tests are often referred to as ‘isotope studies’ or ‘radionuclide imaging’. At East Surrey Hospital, only diagnostic investigations are performed. To perform a nuclear medicine investigation, a radiopharmaceutical is administered to the patient, most commonly by intravenous injection.

After a delay, images acquired demonstrate the distribution of the radiopharmaceutical within the body. Images are acquired using a gamma camera, detecting the gamma rays being emitted by the patient.

Nuclear Medicine services are available by appointment only.

Contacting the nuclear medicine department

The department of nuclear medicine is situated at the far left-side of the diagnostic imaging department. The department hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Any queries regarding the service should be directed to the Superintendent Radiographer, Kevin Fairclough, on 01737 768 511 extension 6001 or 1608.


GPs can request bone scans directly. Other nuclear medicine examinations may be requested by GPs where suggested in a previous radiological report. Reports are issued within seven days.