A computerised tomography scan, or CT scan, uses X-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the inside of the body.  This cross-sectional imaging is used to detect conditions such as cancers, strokes, bone and joint disorders, and on trauma patients.

There is one CT scanner at Crawley Hospital and two at East Surrey Hospital. There is also an additional CT scanner in the emergency department at East Surrey Hospital.

Opening times

Daily 9am – 5pm for appointments and a 24-hour service supports the Emergency Department at East Surrey Hospital.

Cardiac CT service

In partnership with the SASH cardiac department, diagnostic imaging operates a cardiac CT service, offering the following specialised scans:

  • CT cardiac coronary angiography
  • CT coronary artery calcium scoring
  • CT aortic angiography


Patients are referred for a CT scan by their consultant. GPs can also refer direct in cases when a radiological report has suggested a CT scan is necessary.  In these cases, scan results are returned to the GP electronically within seven days, or more quickly for urgent cases.