Chemo suiteFollowing the height on the COVID-19 pandemic, the chemotherapy suite at East Surrey Hospital has been revamped to make it more inviting, comfortable, and safe for patients.

 After returning from Gatwick Spire in April 2021, where the chemotherapy team relocated during COVID-19 in order to keep patients safe and away from the main hospital, a decision was made to give the chemotherapy suite at East Surrey Hospital a makeover. The team discussed what they could do to modernise the suite and make it more inviting for patients.

After coming up with some ideas, they applied to SASH Charity for funds to upgrade it. Any member of staff in any part of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH) can apply for funding for an idea that helps the Trust go above and beyond for patients and staff.

Their application was successful, and from donations made to the SASH Charity Cancer Fund, the team were granted £27,451 for the revamp. They were able to give the suite a facelift with glamour wraps featuring images of lavender fields and meadows with sunsets, all in calming colours. New reclining chairs were also added, making the environment brighter, safer, and more comfortable for patients to be in.  

The upgrade was possible thanks to everyone who has donated to SASH Charity, Ocura who provided the reclining chairs, and to Grosvenor Interiors who carried out the work. 

Claire-Marie Williams, chemotherapy manager, said:

“The feedback from our patients coming for treatment has been overwhelmingly positive. They feel the unit is warm and inviting now, generating a sense of calm and welcoming. To hear our patients talk about how lovely the new unit is, and to see the smiles on their faces is just wonderful for us as a team. We are extremely grateful to all who donated to SASH Charity.” 

Andrew Bickerdike, head of SASH charity said:

“It’s really moving to see the difference that donations to the SASH Cancer Fund have already made. Claire and the team had the vision to carry out this transformation of the unit, and thanks to donations to the cancer fund we’ve been able to make it a reality.

“I’d like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who fundraises or donates to the SASH Charity Cancer Fund. There’s more we want to support the team do across cancer services at SASH, including East Surrey Hospital, East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Centre and Crawley Hospital. If others would like to help us do more for people affected by cancer in East Surrey and Sussex, donate to help patients here:”

 For further information about SASH Charity, visit their website at