Lesley Copus FB.pngWho are you?

Lesley Copus.

Summarise your role.

My role includes the daily management, supervision and support of the administrative function within the occupational health department. I am responsible for the delivery of technical and administrative support to the associate director and the wider team as well as the operational management of all data systems, and over the seven years I have worked within the department have gained significant technical knowledge. I co-ordinate the administration of private contracts, prioritise workload and, having completed SEQOHS accreditation, I ensure all necessary updates are prepared. I also support our clinical team with clinical wellbeing at the Trust including co-coordinating next week’s wellbeing day project.

What do you find rewarding about your role?

Interacting with staff who need our support. I enjoy building relationships with other stakeholders. What I find the most rewarding is the relationship I have with the whole OH team and that we all work together really closely to give the best service possible.

What do you find challenging?

Meeting targets, especially during the flu programme season. Reporting data, SLA reports and other required information for the Trust and private contracts all impact on a very busy department. 

What do you enjoy outside of work:

I recently became a nanny to baby Lily. As a first grandchild she has brought such joy. I see her regularly and absolutely adore her. I also enjoy cooking and making celebration cards and selling them at occasional craft fairs.

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