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Who are you?

Vesna Hogan

Summarise your role.

I raise awareness of clinical audit as a successful quality improvement tool throughout the Trust. SASH has effectively embraced clinical auditing as a way of demonstrating quality and safety, benchmarking against national standards, prioritising specific local concerns and driving sustained improvements. I train large groups of junior doctors on all aspects of clinical audit methodology and advise clinical teams on registration, designing projects and data collection, drafting questionnaires, identifying patients for samples and assisting with presentations.  

What do you find challenging?

Determining how and when progress of tasks or actions will be measured, ensuring that change is supported by those with authority, reporting on and ensuring changes have improved practice and decide if further audit procedures are required.  

What do you find rewarding about your role?

I am enthusiastic about clinical audits. They are core components of hospital activity that can provide strong assurance around (both demonstrating and driving forwards) safe and high quality, clinical practice across the hospital.  

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Running, keeping fit and art are my passions. I draw portraits and paint using water colours in my spare time.    

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