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Who are you?

The research and development department, comprised of two teams: the research delivery team and the research governance team.

Summarise your role.

Ultimately, we are providing opportunities for patients and staff to participate in research which may be of benefit to them or future patients or staff. 

The research delivery team work with clinical teams and support departments across the Trust to set up and deliver research: liaising with patients, providing study information, consenting and undertaking study related assessments or activities.

The research governance team work ‘back office’ undertaking a range of tasks including: arranging contracts, monitoring and research and development committee coordination.

What do you find rewarding about your role?

Listening to those who take part in research who tell you of the positive experience and impact it’s had on their lives. 

Working in research during the COVID pandemic showed how world leading the NHS – NIHR is with its ability to quickly set up the world’s largest randomised clinical trial of potential treatments (RECOVERY) - the trial provided answers in real time and led the way for developing treatment options for patients. Our Trust was a recruiting site for the study, and thanks to the staff and patients who took part, contributed to finding treatments.

What do you find challenging?

The research and development department is self-funded, the majority of funding comes from National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), funding is granted yearly and based on activity: delivering research studies on time and to our contracted targets. If we fail to achieve, we can lose funding which means we may lose staff and therefore the support we have available to deliver research at the Trust.

Getting research recognised as a core activity; all staff should have the time, opportunity and support to get involved in research.

Finding suitable rooms to be able to see patients to discuss a study and conduct study activities can be challenging.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

We are an active team! Members enjoy keeping fit, taking part in the Trust running club and exercise classes. We regularly have a presence at a local pub quiz and we do like eating cake!

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