Liz Goudie FB.png

Who are you?

My name is Liz Goudie and I’m a physician associate (PA) working in the care of the elderly team. I worked in Orthogeriatrics from 2018 on qualification and recently moved to the Pendleton unit.

Summarise your role...

As a physician associate on Pendleton, I work under the supervision of a consultant to provide medical care for older outpatients. I see patients over 75 who may be referred from the GP or hospital teams with a variety of presentations. Alongside a fantastic MDT, I diagnose and manage medical problems and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital, prioritising each individual’s needs considering their comorbidities and wishes. I also work as a physician associate ambassador in the South East for one day/week where I provide advice and support to clinical directors looking to recruit and deploy Physician associates across the region, promoting the value PAs add to the workforce.

What do you find rewarding?

I learn so much from older people and my colleagues on a daily basis. This means going to work is something I look forward to and my clinical team keep me laughing through the challenges.

The flexibility of the PA role means I’m able to develop in a variety of ways facilitating my move to the Pendleton unit. I enjoy supporting junior doctors by providing continuity for them as well as patients and families.

As an ambassador I get to showcase the fantastic work and abilities of my PA colleagues who together make a huge difference to support the NHS across the UK.

What do you find challenging about your role?

At the moment, physician associates are awaiting regulation by the government, which means we are not currently able to complete a prescribing course or request ionising radiation which will help us reach our full potential as a profession.

Being a PA often means you are the go-to person in your clinical area, which is a privilege but means juggling work-load can be a challenge.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I am often found dancing, in a class or the kitchen and singing (out of tune but with confidence) in the car. I like to hike, swim and paddle board and support my church with local youth work and community projects, including a new dementia café in Redhill. I have two wonderfully bright god-daughters (aged threewh and five) who inspire me to be the best I can be and give me an excuse to be silly and watch Disney films.

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