Meeting a... Personalised Care Project Manager


Who are you: Katherine Hamer.

Summarise your role: I am responsible for ensuring our cancer patients get the best care, tailored to their needs at any point in the cancer journey. This includes ensuring wellbeing provision is sufficient, streamlining pathways and introducing new ways of working, and ensuring patients have access to information and support whenever they need it. I am also responsible for overseeing our Self Supported Management pathway for cancer patients who have finished their treatment.

What do you find challenging about your role: Every patient’s journey is unique, and every person has different needs at different times. Understanding what our very diverse group of patients need is my top priority, so we can then provide personalised offerings for everyone.

What do you find rewarding: Since starting this role, we have seen an increase in our patient numbers who are on Self Supported Management - we currently have over 1,100! This has meant we have been able to support them to manage their ongoing condition, with help from our support workers. It has also allowed us to free up more clinic time for other patients. We also hosted our first health and wellbeing event last year which was a huge success and are looking to host another one later this year.

What do you enjoy outside of work: When I am not planning my wedding, I enjoy baking, travelling, playing various sports and anything to do with music.