Therese SidneySummarise your role.

I am responsible for coordinating the teaching and training of staff in both adult and paediatric resuscitation, ensuring adherence to national resuscitation policies and procedures. Additional responsibilities include managing the resuscitation service throughout the Trust in terms of equipment, clinical quality improvement and incident review.

Audit is a big part of the role in terms of the auditing of cardiac arrests and resuscitation equipment to ensure we are constantly improving the service and ultimately patient safety. I review audit data from clinical emergency events and patient outcomes.

The role also has a clinical element to it. Attendance at cardiac arrests to ensure guidelines are adhered too and staff are supported is also an important aspect of the role. The role also advises and supports projects relating to resuscitation and the deteriorating patient.

What do you find rewarding about your role?

I love teaching, especially when the candidates enjoy it. I use a variety of teaching styles to try and engage the whole audience.

I also love improvement and trying different ways to enhance the service we offer. Hearing reports from staff who have successfully been involved in resuscitations in work or outside is so rewarding.

What do you find challenging?

Resuscitations can be very stressful and emotive. Part of my role is instigating debriefs after cardiac arrests, especially paediatric arrests. It can be very challenging when staff are upset and sometimes very self-critical when they have done their upmost for the patient. We cannot save everyone and that in itself can be a challenge.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I love reading and going to the gym when I can, I have three children and a very lively dog!

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