Meet Laura Ashby, a digital trainer here at SASH.

Who are you: Laura Ashby.

Summarise your role: As part of the digital training team, I provide training for all new and existing staff on Cerner applications. I also support other applications such as Dictate IT and the Surrey Care record.

I create e-learning modules, training videos, quick reference guides (QRGs) and provide at the elbow support for all staff. As a digital trainer I spend a lot of time on the Genba assisting staff with further training and support as well as new projects such as ECG.

What do you find challenging about your role: I sometimes find it difficult when I am not able to solve an issue presented to me, but with the support of my colleague’s in digital support and EPR I can escalate to get the right support for the member of staff.

What do you find rewarding: The most rewarding aspect of my job is following up face to face training with phase two training and seeing how happy and competent the staff are, how they are settling in and seeing how confident they now are using Cerner after training. Another rewarding aspect is receiving feedback and seeing how staff have enjoyed my training session

What do you enjoy outside of work: Outside of work I am a 'typical girl', I love doing things like shopping, socialising, exploring different cities and countries and of course spending time with family and friends.