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Who are you?

Carol Silveo Surmieda, colorectal enhanced recovery nurse specialist

Summarise your role.

I am responsible for implementing the enhanced recovery programme for colorectal surgery. Enhanced recovery is a modern, evidence- based approach that can help patients recover more quickly after surgery and shorten their hospital stay.

I bridge the gap between doctors, patients and nurses from pre-assessment, intra-operatively to post-operative discharge planning. I am also involved in the ward rounds of doctors and implement plans created on ward rounds. My role involves handing out bowel preparation to patients prior to surgery and collect surveillance for SSI (surgical site infection) for UK Health Agency.

What do you find challenging about your role?  

I enjoy my role at work especially talking and explaining the surgical journey to patients. Occasionally, I find it challenging to support patients emotionally when they are very anxious before surgery.  It can be hard to find the right balance between work and personal life and supporting my child with their university life.

What do you find rewarding?  

When patients empower their recovery and follow enhanced recovery after surgery. Having positive feedback from patients stating that they have had a smooth journey / surgery experience and are grateful for all the care received.  Also receiving good comments from the consultant surgeon and the patient’s relatives. An appreciation for all our hard work and the two words “thank you” motivate me to develop my role for better patient experience.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I enjoy travelling with my family around the world and is one of the reasons I wanted to work as a nurse in UK. I do have a mentality of if you work hard, you play hard as well. Shopping and having a coffee with my friends are my stress busters. I love watching travel vlogs on YouTube when I’m on my own at home, fascinated with all extraordinary views of places and historical and architectural buildings.


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