Angela Stoker

Who are you?

I'm Angela Stoker and I'm a clinical application senior analyst.

Summarise your role.

I work in the EPR Team ensuring the end users get a successful customer service experience. In the back end, we implement changes to make it visual for the end users. This is to ensure the patient journey through the hospital is delivered and captured in real time.

What do you find rewarding?

Communication. When we implement changes or the system has an upgrade, communicating that out to all the end users can be quite challenging.

What do you find challenging about your role?

Going out on the genba and engaging with our end users has always been the part of the job that I love. Helping them with any issues they have raised is very rewarding.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I love organising holidays, events, theatre trips and days out with not just my family, but my friends and work colleagues too.

My husband, my girls, my grandchildren, the rest of my family and, of course, my friends mean the world to me. I enjoy making memories with them.

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