Hayley FBWho are you?

I’m Hayley Carmichael, communications manager for Care Without Carbon (CWC). I am part of the CWC team at Sussex Community, supporting SASH with delivering on its Green Plan.

Summarise your role.

CWC is the basis for the SASH Green Plan, and structures how the Trust approaches reducing its carbon emissions and impact on the environment. There are eight work streams within CWC which help make sure that the entire Trust is playing a part in making healthcare more sustainable. My role directly supports the culture workstream, to help embed thinking more sustainably about how care is delivered and the Trust operates.

What do you find rewarding about your role?

Knowing that what we do to reduce carbon emissions in healthcare is directly addressing the problem of climate change, and its impact on our health is a real motivator.

What do you find challenging?

We all know how pressured things are across the NHS right now and have been for some time. Getting people’s attention when they feel busy can be very tricky, so it is challenging to get people thinking more sustainably ‘on top of the day job’. Overcoming this is key, and one way is helping people to understand the links between climate change and health and the ways that healthcare is adding to the issue of climate change.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

To relax I enjoy Hatha yoga, and our village choir called ‘the rusty chords’.#

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