14th May marks National ODP Day which is an occasion to celebrate the work of all our fantastic Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH).

ODPs are a familiar face to those undergoing any surgery within the operating theatres here as at SASH. Our ODPs train in three areas: anaesthetics, surgery and post anaesthetic recovery. These are all interconnected phases of a patient’s journey requiring detailed knowledge and skills.

ODP Day 2022

In anaesthetics, ODPs will assist the anaesthetists when putting patients to sleep whilst also reassuring the patients and providing support to them by looking after the equipment being used to monitor the patient.

During surgery, ODPs make sure the patient is positioned safely, act as the scrubbed assistant whilst accounting for all instruments and materials used during the operation.

When patients are waking from their surgery, ODPs are there to manage any pain and minimise distress, while monitoring the patient and offering one to one support to ensure the patient is recovering safely for later transport to home or to a ward. The team are a vital link between the surgical and theatre teams and other clinical teams in the hospital.

Patient safety and the overall experience of having surgery are a crucial part of the ODPs role and something they do incredibly well.

Kimberly O’Hara, director of nursing and AHPs, said:

“ODPs are so valuable to our patients and our whole team. They are an essential group who deliver vital patient safety in a professional and admirable manner. Quality care delivery is at the forefront of their role - we’re determined to support current ODPs and inspire the next generation.”

You can find out more about ODP’s career here: ODP Careers Microsite (codp.uk)