We are a team of physiotherapists and support workers based at East Surrey Hospital. We are here to support you when you are in the hospital.

We aim to:

  • Assess your movement and function
  • Diagnose difficulties with movement or function
  • Help you to restore your movement and function
  • Empower you through education
  • Enable you to remain independent and productive

If you still need physiotherapy on discharge from hospital, we will refer to your local community team.

We care for you following elective joint replacement surgery and will help you to mobilise safely after having emergency fracture surgery.
We assess and treat you if you are admitted to the fractured neck of femur ward. This would most likely be after a fall.

If you have a respiratory condition/ difficulty with your breathing, you may see a respiratory physiotherapist.

We help you to mobilise safely if you have had general surgery.

We care for patients in the intensive care unit, and on the cardio, respiratory and surgical wards.
Some of the team are based at the Lane Fox Remeo Respiratory Centre, where we:

  • Help you to wean from respiratory support
  • Help to optimise your respiratory status
  • Provide physical education to support your rehabilitation

We support you if you are frail and/ or elderly or have complex medical needs.
We aim to maintain and maximise your current level of movement and function.

We will see you if you have had a stroke or have another neurological condition. We will work with you and your carers to identify individual rehabilitation goals.

We assess and treat children and young people at East Surrey Hospital.
We see your child or young person:

  • In the children’s ward (Outwood)
  • In the neonatal unit
  • On the post-natal ward
  • As an outpatient

You may find the leaflets from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy useful. Please see below for further details. 

Visit the public pages on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to find out more about physiotherapists:

You may find the pages below particularly useful: