We are a team of occupational therapists and support workers, who:

  • Use a ‘whole person’ approach to your health and wellbeing
  • Aim to make you as independent as possible
  • Enable you to manage the essential activities of daily living
  • Work closely with you, and with other health professionals, to support your safe discharge from hospital

We work across the wards at East Surrey Hospital. We may visit your home to support your move out of hospital and we may loan you equipment needed to get you home safely.

Orthopaedic and surgical occupational therapy

We support you:

  • After planned surgery or general surgical procedures
  • After emergency surgery
  • Both on the wards and in the day surgery areas

We may work with you before a planned surgery to help you:

  • Understand the rehabilitation process
  • Plan for managing at home post-surgery

Neurology and stroke occupational therapy

We will assess you if you have had a stroke, or have another neurological condition.

We will work with you and your carers to identify individual rehabilitation goals.

Acute medical and care of the elderly occupational therapy

We support you with difficulties cause by a range of medical diagnoses, including:

  • Cardiac (heart) conditions
  • Respiratory (breathing) conditions
  • Dementia


Telephone: 01737768511 x6126