Are you a young carer? nurse and young female patient.jpeg

If you are a young person involved in caring for a parent or sibling who has a physical or mental health need, then you may be a young carer.

You might have to take on responsibilities that an adult may usually have, such as day to day tasks, help in meeting medical needs or supporting them emotionally.

As a young carer you might find this impacts on other parts of your life, such as school or college, socialising with friends and how you feel emotionally.  We know that it is important to make sure that you are supported when you use our services.  If you have to come to hospital with the person you care for, or as a patient yourself, make yourself known to a member of our staff.  They will make sure that you are supported and informed about care.

If you want to find out more about being a young carer and the support available to you, these organisations may be able to help:

NHS Choices

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West Sussex Young Carers

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Surrey Young Carers

Action for Carers Surrey logo.png