South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM) is happening from 18 July until 17 August and the theme for 2022 is Journeys of Empire. SASH staff of South Asian heritage are taking part by sharing their case studies. 

Kat SAHMThayalan Kandiah 

Lead for dental and maxillofacial services

1. Why did you join the NHS?

I enjoy working with people, particularly as a team member, and ultimately helping people.

2. Tell us about your NHS journey.

I worked as an auxiliary nurse in between college and starting university. This gave me an insight into working in a hospital. I was interested in medicine as well as working with my hands, and dentistry gave me both of these.

3. Describe your proudest moment.

Being a father.

4. What does South Asian Heritage Month mean to you?

It's being aware of your past so you can shape the future in a better light for your children and loved ones.

5. What makes you proud about your culture and heritage?

It’s a recognition of those who have gone before me and the sacrifices they made so I can pass on the rich heritage to future generations, regardless of their heritage and background.

6. What is the one South Asian dish you cannot live without or what is your favourite South Asian food?

Anything my mum cooks!

7. If you weren’t in your current job, what would you be doing?

 I want to say...a sheep farmer in Mid Wales!

For more activities, visit the South Asian Heritage Month website to discover a calendar of online events, or take a look at SASHnet to find out how we'll be celebrating at SASH.