The Crawley Day Surgery Unit has four operating rooms and it is located on the First Floor of the Red Wing at Crawley Hospital.

Our level-1 Recovery has seven trolley spaces.

Our admission area and level-2 Recovery has 20 trolley spaces, and 12 recliner spaces for those patients having procedures under local anaesthetic (not going to sleep for their surgery).

We also have a post-op lounge area which may accommodate eight patients in the hour or so before they are discharged from the unit.

Opening hours

The unit is open from 7am on Monday until 8pm on Friday. Patients arrive from 7.15am for the morning lists, and from 12.15pm for the afternoon lists. Please, do not come earlier to your appointment time in the morning as the unit will be closed.


Operating lists

Monday to Friday (am sessions)

8am to 1pm

Monday to Thursday (pm sessions)

2pm to 7pm

Friday afternoons (pm session)

1.30pm to 5.30pm

Contact details

Telephone: 01293 600 300
Extensions: 4106 or 4107