SASH provides a phlebotomy service for adult patients who need to have blood tests. SASH phlebotomy services are available at East Surrey Hospital, Crawley Hospital, and Horsham Hospital.

East Surrey Hospital Crawley Hospital Horsham Hospital

Monday – Friday

8am – 5:45pm

Monday – Friday

8am – 4:45pm

Monday – Friday

8am – 3.45pm

The phlebotomy service at each hospital is a walk-in service for adults, so no appointment is necessary.  Please be aware that at busy times there may be a delay.

Paediatric phlebotomy (CAU)

The Children’s Assessment Unit (CAU) at East Surrey Hospital offers blood tests for children under the age of 10. This service is strictly by appointment only. There is usually a weeks wait for phlebotomy appointments at CAU.

Patients can call the department to book the blood tests Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 11:30am.

Children aged 10 years and over can attend the walk-in service in main phlebotomy.

To book an appointment, please ring 01737 768511 x 2866/2865.

Crawley Hospital

There are a limited amount of appointments at Crawley Hospital for children 10 years and over.  There can be a wait of up to a week for phlebotomy appointments. The team will give advice on where to get anaesthetic cream and how to apply it if required.

To book an appointment ring 01293 600 300 x3082