The department offers a comprehensive range of services for the management of gastrointestinal disease.

The team of eight gastroenterologists manage all aspects of upper and lower Gastro Intestinal disorders including dyspepsia, GORD, swallowing difficulties, small bowel disorders, abdominal pain, hepato-biliary disease, inflammatory bowel disease and functional bowel disorders.

  • Dr Jonathan Stenner
  • Dr Gary Mackenzie
  • Dr Matthew Cowan
  • Dr Gayatri Chakrabarty
  • Dr Monira Rahman
  • Dr Prayman Sattianayagam

We also have two associate specialists Dr Ioannis Theodoropoulos and Dr Alexey Chernolesskiy.

The team also provides a full range of endoscopic services. These include diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, capsule endoscopy and pH & Manometry studies.

The Trust also provides advanced manometry and pH studies of the oesophagus for the diagnosis of swallowing disorders and the management of acid reflux. We have a state of the art high resolution manometry system which is far more accurate than standard testing systems and this also shortens procedure times. These tests assist our clinicians in the management of previously difficult conditions to diagnose allowing for better patient care.

Additionally, the unit is an endoscopy training centre for both gastroenterology and surgical registrars.