Sunshine Day Nursery is located at East Surrey Hospital. 

Opening hours

7.00am – 6:00pm
We request that the children stay for a period of no more than 10 hours at a time.


Sarah Sunshine Day NurserySarah Humphrey, nursery manager






Shelley Hooper Deputy Manager.jpgShelley Hooper, deputy manager





“Sunshine Day Nursery is a really special place to work. It is one of the most rewarding jobs seeing the children we look after growing and learning through their time spent at Sunshine.”

Sarah Humphrey, nursery manager



L-R Lutchmee Sanasy, Nancy Sweeney, Stephanie Canacott, Lesley McGillivray, Chelsie Samels, Sarah Humphrey and Shelley Hooper.




Sunshine Day Nursery is committed to helping parents balance work/life responsibilities by providing high quality child care and education. We offer a friendly, professional, safe and stimulating environment for your child. As a team we are caring, reliable, enthusiastic and passionate about what we do. We believe by providing an enabling environment and meeting children’s individual needs, this creates a good start in your child’s life. This is achieved by furthering their development which promotes the foundations of their early education. We recognise that the child’s expert and prime educators are their parents/carers and build excellent relationships with parents. This is shown through parents returning with siblings and recommending us to their friends and colleagues. We also pride ourselves on our low staff turnover.

Under Two’s room

The ratio for the baby unit is 1:3, so with 21 babies we will have a team of seven staff (when full).

Within the room we have a physical area, quiet book area, floor toys, home corner and a messy area, all of which are low level and accessible to enable the babies to freely play, learn and explore.

There is also a separate sleep/sensory room, where we have blackout blinds/curtains so the babies can sleep or relax to the soothing music and lights.

Two / Three’s room

The ratio for the 2/3’s area is 1:4, so with 20 children we will have a team of four staff (when full). The room has a large main area for the children to play in and explore.  The children have different areas to play and explore including a quiet and calm book area. The 2 to 3 year olds have instant access to our large outdoor area as well as their own undercover outdoor area.

Pre-School room

The ratio in pre-school is 1:8, so with 26 children we will have a team of four staff (when full). Pre-school also has a middle room, which is used for a quiet book area and small group work. The pre-school also have an undercover outdoor area which is used as an outside classroom.