Mr Bhat is a renowned orthopaedic hand surgeon, with nearly three decades of specialised experience in orthopaedics and an overall 32 years in the medical field.

He has, in collaboration with his early mentor, published several important papers, which have successfully helped shape hand surgery practice around the world.

Practising in the UK as a consultant for over 15 years, he is a prominent medical tertiary expert in the field of wrist and hand surgery. Mr Bhat lives by a simple yet powerful maxim: “The best surgeon is someone who knows when not to operate, when to operate, and finally how to operate.”

He is passionate about his beliefs and has always reiterated that surgery is and always will be his last resort because that is the best recourse for his patients and involves the least risk. 

“The hand is one of the most complex and beautiful pieces of natural engineering in the human body and is a biomechanical marvel. It allows us to manipulate tasks, both simple and complex, with great precision. This versatility and synchronicity is vital for us to conduct all aspects of our life with productivity and ease.”

Mr Bhat is dedicated to his branch of surgery, successfully restoring the dexterity and alignment of these vital extremities.

With 27 years of experience in hand surgery, Mr Bhat has the experience and expertise to correctly diagnose at the very first consultation. After carefully listening and taking a holistic view from the detailed history, he helps the patient choose the best treatment option necessary for them. 

Among Mr Bhat’s many successful hand surgeries are what he calls ‘The Magnificent 7’:

  1. Carpal Tunnel Release
  2. Fasciectomy for Dupuytren’s disease
  3. Distal Radius fracture ORIF – 66 cases in the last two years
  4. Trigger finger release
  5. Trapeziectomy
  6. Cubital Tunnel Release
  7. Finger Fracture ORIF: 30 cases 

Many musculoskeletal ailments are expertly carried out with steroid injections in the safety of his clinic with his hand therapist ably assisting him in the treatment and cure.

“Undoubtedly, each patient will be dealt the best hand!”