We all have a responsibility to look after each other and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

We have put in place measures to help people stay two metres apart, wash their hands more often and have the right protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

You will need to wear a face covering when you come to hospital as a visitor or outpatient – you can find out more about face coverings on our dedicated page.

We ask that you walk on the left in our services, that you stay two metres apart from everyone who isn’t in your household (except for when you are being directly cared for), and that you wash your hands regularly. We have installed more sinks and hand washing stations to make this possible. We have restricted access to some chairs in our waiting rooms to help people keep a safe distance and we ask that you do not sit on any chairs that are marked as out of use.

When you come to our hospitals you will see our staff wearing PPE, such as masks, visors, gloves, goggles or gowns. Please speak to a member of our staff if you have any further questions about this.

We care for people who have confirmed coronavirus in dedicated areas, and regularly check all our patients for symptoms.

Please make sure you continue to follow social distancing advice when outside of our services too – it saves lives.