We treat chronic diseases of the brain and nervous system including Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and motor neurone disease (MND).

Dr Jeffery Kimber, consultant neurologist, is part of several multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) that include respiratory physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and palliative care nurses. Each MDT works together in the treatment of patients with neurological conditions. Around 1,100 new patients are referred every year to our neurology team based at East Surrey Hospital.

After diagnosis, much of the supportive community care of patients with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis is carried out by specialist nurses. There is also a specialist MDT involved in care of patients with MND.

We have close links with neurology specialists at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, which has inpatient neurology beds for the district under Dr Kimber’s supervision, and provides further facilities for the treatment of complex neurological diseases.

St George’s Hospital specialists

Two specialists from St George’s Hospital visit East Surrey Hospital weekly:

Dr Jeremy Madigan, neuro-radiologist – visits on a Thursday morning to analyse MRIs with Dr Kimber
Dr Hamid Modarres, neurophysiologist – visits on Friday afternoons to review brainwave recordings (EEGs)

We treat adult patients (age 16 and over) from the SASH geographical area but also see some patients from East Grinstead, Turners Hill, and Billingshurst. Children with neurological disorders are treated by the Trust’s paediatric team. In the case of elderly patients where a neurological disorder is just part of the diagnosis, their treatment is carried out by our medicine for the elderly team.