12 days of Christmas - Day nine, Maxon Lunt

Date posted: 22 December 2022

News type: Feature

We’re counting down the days to Christmas with our 12 days of Christmas campaign!

Every day SASH staff will have the chance to share how they spend Christmas Day, whether that’s at home or on site.

Our security team will be on site keeping patients, staff and visitors safe this Christmas Day. Find out what security office Maxon is looking forward to on the big day.

Maxon said:

“My colleagues in the security team will be around to support staff and patients on Christmas day. This year is my son's first Christmas which is really special for me despite him being so little! Typically, I have two Christmases. One with my partner and one with my family and both Christmases are quite different – the three courses at each one doesn’t change. When I spend it with my partners family, we go over to their house and spend time together opening presents. Then those who are cooking stay behind whilst the rest vanish to the pub and come back when dinners ready! Sometimes we need to nap to keep ourselves going. If we spend it with my family we’ll wake up, open our presents, cook and then wait for the guests.”

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